6 Indications Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Is Failing

Don’t Let a Broken Car AC System Melt You Like an Ice Cream Cone!

Most days in El Paso, Texas, you turn on your car, followed by turning up the air conditioner. But what does it mean when there’s no cold air coming through the vents, and you’re left to bake like a cookie? Your vehicle’s air conditioning system consists of components such as a compressor, expansion valve that regulates the flow of refrigerant, an evaporator, and condenser, as well as refrigerant fluid that flows throughout the cooling system. If not properly maintained, the failure of one of these components can ultimately lead to a car AC repair at Texican Transmission and Motors. As our ASE-Certified technicians will tell you, following a routine maintenance plan is the best way to avoid car AC repairs, but we also know life happens. If you notice one of the following symptoms, keep reading and call us at (915) 755-8048 to schedule an AC performance check!

Blowing warm air

Most often, a refrigerant leak is to blame. Without enough refrigerant, other components can’t function. System leaks are usually caused by a hole in a connection, hoses, compressor, condenser, or a ruptured evaporator. These leaks can be hard to detect and require a car AC repair.

Cool air flows but doesn’t get cold

When the amount of refrigerant is low, this can happen. A blocked or failed condenser or failed clutch switch can also cause. A certified technician will need to test these components and replace them as necessary.

Weak airflow

A loss of air pressure to your car’s AC system is a sign of an open or damaged seal. This damage also lets moisture into the system which results in you seeking out car AC repair services from a professional like us.

No airflow from vents

This is different from hot air coming through the vents. A technician will need to eliminate possible causes by checking for: a blown fuse or bad relay, damage to the blower motor or blower resistor, blocked air intake, or damaged belts and hoses. The fuses and/or relay should be replaced first. If the issue persists, a car AC repair or replacement may be necessary.

Bad smell

If your air conditioning system smells like an old locker room, that can only mean one thing: mold. This is common with older vehicles or vehicles that use maximum AC all the time. Mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms may be growing behind the dashboard on the evaporator, causing a foul smell. Replacing the filter can help, but a technician may also need to add an anti-bacterial solution into the evaporator.

Car AC system makes a noise when turned on

Air conditioning systems are usually quiet. Suppose you hear a banging, rattling, or another unusual sound. In that case, it could be as simple as leaves or other road debris blocking the unit. It could also indicate a component failure, such as a worn-out bearing or failed compressor clutch. If you suspect a bigger problem, turn off the AC and come into Texican Transmissions and Motors for a car AC repair you can trust.

No need to lose your cool, the qualified technicians at Texican Transmissions and Motors know what to do. Stop in today 4495 Titanic Ave, El Paso, TX 79904, and we’ll get you comfortably back on the road in no time.

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